Finally it is Christmas!! Everyone loves this particular time of the year. Gifts, love and happiness is shared all around the world. This all happen due to only Xmas.

Test your knowledge of Christmas trivia with these cool facts about Christmas.

  1. Christmas is celebrated on the birth of Jesus Christ. But there is no mention of 25 December as the birth of Jesus even in Bible.
  2. Historians and Scholars believe Jesus Christ was born in Spring not in Winter.
  3. The first Christmas was supposed to be celebrated in Rome 336 AD.
  4.  James Pierpont composed the most popular song of Christmas-“Jingle Bell”.
  5. First song to gets broadcast in space was “Jingle Bell” in 1965 from Gemini 6.
  6. 90% of American celebrates Christmas but only 51% goes to Church on Christmas.
  7. The Biggest Christmas gift of the world was The Statue of liberty gifted by France to US on 25 December 1886.

Christmas is also called as Midwinter, Nativity and Yule.

  1. X in Xmas means Christ in Greek.
  2. Yule Tree is also called as Christmas Tree.
  3. Hallmark introduced the Christmas Card in 1915.
  4. Christmas was banned in UK between 1647 and 1660 by Cromwell due to English Civil War.
  5. Christmas Crackers were first made in London in 1847 by Tom Smith.
  6. The first US State to declare Christmas as the legal holiday was Alabama in 1836.
  7. Two island in the world are named as Christmas. One in Pacific Ocean and other in Indian Ocean.
  8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has the largest floating Christmas Tree in the world which is 278 feet tall.
  9. First President to place Christmas Tree in White House was Franklin Pierce in 1856.
  10. 3 Billion Christmas cards are sold annually in US.
  11. The last state to declare Christmas as a legal holiday was Oklahoma in 1970.
  12. In all 50 States of US, Christmas Tree is grown.
  13. The most experience Christmas Tree was made in 2010. It’s cost was $8,660,206 and it was display at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.
  14. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is highest grossing Christmas movie.
  15. The next day after Christmas is Boxing Day which is also called as St. Stephen’s Day.
  16. Coca-Cola played a crucial role in making the image of modern day Santa Claus.
  17. Santa has to travel faster than speed of light to deliver gift to every child of the world. He has to visit 822 homes in a second and traveling 650 miles a second.
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