Doctor’s Day

Doctor’s are given a god-like status in the whole world. To show respect to each and every Doctor, Doctor’s Day is celebrated across the globe. Here are amazing facts about this day     .https://factunion.com/

  1. 1 July is celebrated as the Doctor’s Day in India. In honour to pay tribute to all doctors and the medical staff who plays a crucial role in the life of every human.
  2. On the birth and death anniversary of Dr. B Chandra Roy one of the most famous physician of India, this day is celebrated in India.
  3. It was first celebrated in the year of 1991 as a mark to show respect to Dr. BC Roy.
  4. Dr. B C Roy was also awarded with the highest civilian award of India Bharat Ratna in 1961.
  5. In different countries, this day is celebrated on different days. For example in US it is celebrated on 30 March, in Brazil it is celebrated on 18 October and on 23 August in Iran etc.
  6. The first ever Doctor’s day of the world as celebrated in America on 30 March in 1933. In the honour of Dr. Crawford W Long.
  7. In America it was celebrated in Winder, Georgia a town of Atlanta.
  8. It took 58 years to became an official holiday in America and in 1991 President Bush declared it as a national holiday.
  9. While in Brazil, this day is celebrated on October 18. On the occasion of Saint Luke birthday who was believed to be a Doctor.
  10. In Cuba, this day is celebrated on 3 December to show respect the birthday Carlos Juan Finlay.
  11. National Doctor’s Day organization is an organization which makes creative greetings cards for the doctor’s every year.
  12. The symbol of Doctor’s Day signifies a red carnation qualities of sacrifice, charity, love, courage and bravery.

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