Most Expensive Houses Of India

Have you heard about Antilia? One of the most expensive house of the world owned by richest man of India none other than Mr. Mukesh Ambani.

We all have a dream to have a house like this and working    

for that. Let’s see what makes Antilia  one of the most expensive house of the

  1. Antilia is 27 story home of Ambani family, located at Altamount Road one of the most expensive street of the world.
  2. It is 570 feet (179 m) tall, built on 49000 Square Foot area (1.120 acre), which is actually more than French Palace Versailles.
  3. There are total 27 floors with extra celling (other building with same height can have 60 floors). Each floor has a different design from other.fffff
  4. This building is designed in such a way that it can survive an Earthquake rated 8 on Richter Scale.
  5. The name Antilia is inspired by the mythical Atlantic island of Antillia.
  6. The architectural design of Antilia is based on the lotus and sun.
  7.  Antilia is build by US architecture firms Perkins and Will & Hirsch Bedner Associates, with Australian construction company Leighton Contractors.
  8. Out of 27, 6 floors are for Ambani Family’s car collection. A car service station is also present on the 7th Floor.
  9. A huge garage is also present in Antilia across several floors and can park 170 cars.
  10. The top 6 floors of Antilia are apart as a private full-floor residence having lavish rooms for different purpose.
  11. For entertainment there is a 50 person home-theater with a garden roof,
  12. An outdoor/indoor bar, a health spa, a salon, a ballroom, many Swimming Pools, Yoga room and a Snow room etc. are present in Antilia.
  13. The lobby inside the house contains nine high speed elevators for guest and family members.
  14. About 600 staff members are required to maintain the mansion.
  15. The most surprising feature is three helipads on the terrace and an air space floor.ffff
  16. Antilia has its own hanging garden which has a huge temple.
  17. The cost of Antilia is about $2 Billion which makes it the most expensive house of India and second in the world after Buckingham Palace.

Tell us your experience of reading this amazing blog and how you are feeling after reading about the most expensive house of India ANTILIA.

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