My Favourite Cartoon – DORAEMON

I have grown watching cartoons and one of my favorite cartoon character is DORAEMON. I love watching Doraemon. So, through this blog you will get to know about my favorite cartoon character DORAEMON.

  1. The word Doraemon has been drived from two words-“Dora” means stray cat and “Emon” means male. So, Doraemon means Stray male cat.
  2. The original name of Doraemon as a robot is MS-903, from which he was called in robot factory.
  3. Doraemon’s original colour is yellow.                When Doraemon ear were bitten by rat, he started crying and due to which his colour changed from yellow to blue.
  4. Doraemon was sent by Sewashi [Nobita’s great great grandson] to protect Nobita. 
  5. Doraemon was a factory-rejected robot.
  6. Lucy no. for Doraemon is 1293. As his weight is 129.3 kg, height is 129.3cm, cricumference is 129.3 cm, run at speed of 129.3 km/hr.
  7. Even he was born on  September 3, 2112 (3/9/2112).
  8. Doraemon used to go a school called “The Robot School”.FFFF
  9. Dorami is the name of Doraemon’s sister, who is 2 year younger then him.
  10. Noramyako is the name of Doraemon girlfriend but she broke up with him when he lost his ears.
  11. Dorami is much more powerful than his brother Doraemon.
  12. Fujiko Fujio is the writer of Doraemon.
  13. Dorayaki is the favourite food of Doraemon.
  14. Doraemon is not afraid of mice because his ear were bitten by mice. But actually it was writers choice.
  15. In 20 century, Mii-chan or Mimi is Doraemon love interest.
  16. His favorite colour is blue.
  17. “Make My Dreams Come True, Doraemon”, is the theme song of Doraemon released in 2005.
  18. The Anime ambassador of Japan is Doraemon.
  19. Doraemon is considered as the ”greatest kids series ever created”.
  20. Doraemon is also chosen as Special ambassador for Japan’s 2020 Olympics. 
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