The White Hole

What is White Hole?

Artistic image of WHITE HOLE

White hole is a hypothetical region present in space which works just opposite of black hole.White hole doesn’t allow light to enter in it which make it incredibly bright.

.Anything can’t enter inside white hole from outside but easily can move out from it like- light and matter.

White Hole is believed to be a theoretical mathematical concept not in real. Unlike black hole,white hole also have mass, angular momentum and charge.



As the concept of White Hole is only in physics theories,there is not any known process for the formation of White Hole.

But it is believed that another hole is created opposite of black holematter and energy fall in black hole came out from this hole called as White HoleEvent Horizon doesn’t have any mass.

According to Hawking Radiation given by Stephen Hawking in 1974 that black hole emit particle due to which after a period of time it gets evaporate and gets disappear.

if black hole is destroyed then where would the matter goes which was inside it.This led to the formation of White Hole, the matter present inside the black hole came out from the White Hole.

In 1935Einstein and Nathan Rosen tried to explain the concept of White Hole by using the theory of general relativityThe black hole”entrance” and White Hole “exit”  shows two different regions of space-time even two different universe. It forms the shape like—Tunnel the ends are black and White Hole while Einstein-Rosen bridge or Schwarzschild WormHole connects them.


Why White Hole can’t exist?

One of the main reason why White Hole is not considered real is that White Hole does not follow the second law of thermodynamics

It states that entropy can not decrease it remains constant and increases which is followed by black hole but not followed by White Hole. As White Hole decreases entropy by emitting matter and energy out of it.

Presence of WHITE HOLE

  • On 14 June 2006 GRB 060614 phenomena observed by N.A.S.A,a gamma Ray burst observed by Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory.
  • It occur for a long time of about 102 second. Scientist we’re not able to understand this phenomena as it was not normal phenomena.
  • Most of the gama ray bust in space are of few seconds. It was 10 times powerful than Sun.
  • This was a supernova burst and scientist could not believe that how it can develop from a small particle.
  1. Scientist also believe that BIG BANG was the action of White Hole
  2. The formation of universe took place through the White hole.
  3. Even it is possible that we are living in a black hole and the universe before the Big bang was a big deal than our universe.

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