Top 25 Facts About Space And Sattelite

Everyone wants to study about space and discover space through the help of satellites, space station etc. Let’s go through these 20 facts related to space and satellite which will help you to enhance your knowledge.

  1. Adrin Nikolayev and Nikolayevitaly Sevastyanosov were first cosmonaut to spent about 17½ days in space.
  2. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Adrinjr of U.S.A were first to set foot on the moon.
  3. Major Yuri Gagarin of Russia was the first man to enter space.
  4. Velentina Tereshkova was the first woman cosmonaut to float in space.
  5. Edward White was the first American astronaut to float in space.
  6. Lunar Exploration Module also called ‘Eagle’ was the first space vehicle to land on moon.
  7. Apollo-11 was the name of the spaceship which carried Neil and Edwin to moon.
  8. U.S.A was the first country to send man to the moon.
  9. The first space vehicle to orbit the moon was Lunar-10 of U.S.S.R.
  10. IRS stands for- Indian Remote sensing Satellite.
  11. Aryabhatta was India’s first satellite launched on 19 April 1975.
  12. Vladimir was the first American who fly into space.
  13. U.S.A was the first country to send nuclear powered space craft to explore Jupiter.
  14. Rakesh Sharma was the first Indian to go into space.
  15. The first country to launch a cosmic space rocket to moon was U.S.S.R.
  16. First Indian women to go into space was Kalpana Chawla.
  17. Dennis Tito of U.S.A was the first space tourist.
  18. Yang Liwei was China’s first man in space.
  19.  Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope of China is the world biggest Telescope.
  20. Edu-Sat was India’s first educational satellite.
  21. Charles Simonyi on 26 March 2009 became the first person to travel twice to space as a tourist.
  22. “Brief History of Time” was written by Stephen Hawkings.
  23. APJ Abdul Kalam is known as the Missile Man of India.


  1. Tessy Thomas is called as the Missile woman of India.
  2. Cartosat-1 was India’s first mapping satellite launched on May 5 2005.

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