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Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated globally on 14 February. It is originated as a Roman Festival, honoring one or two early saints named VALENTINE. Who was Saint Valentine? Saint Valentine was a Roman Priest who conduct marriage ceremonies in third-century Rome. The emperor of Rome at that time was Claudius Gothicus II. He banned marriage for young men as he think men would make better soldiers if they were all single. Saint Valentine opposes the new law and the good-natured priest carried on […]


Finally it is Christmas!! Everyone loves this particular time of the year. Gifts, love and happiness is shared all around the world. This all happen due to only Xmas. Test your knowledge of Christmas trivia with these cool facts about Christmas. Christmas is celebrated on the birth of Jesus Christ. But there is no mention of 25 December as the birth of Jesus even in Bible. Historians and Scholars believe Jesus […]

Boxing Day

Everyone celebrates Christmas and have fun on 25 December. But very few are aware what happen on 26 December. Do you know which day is celebrated on 26 December? The day after the Christmas is the Boxing Day!! Here are unknown facts about this day. So have a look over these facts. Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated all over the world after the Christmas on 26 December. Boxing Day was originated in United Kingdom. This day is considered as […]



Doctor’s Day Doctor’s are given a god-like status in the whole world. To show respect to each and every Doctor, Doctor’s Day is celebrated across the globe. Here are amazing facts about this day     . 1 July is celebrated as the Doctor’s Day in India. In honour to pay tribute to all doctors and the medical staff who plays a crucial role […]